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What if...


What if artificial intelligence could free our creativity instead of destroying our job market...

What if knowledge was more popularly shared than fake news and conspiracy theories...

And what if together we could push innovation to close the inequality gaps and respect individual freedom.

The Empowerment Foundation's mission is to advocate for the development of human-centered technology. A technology that respects and helps human beings rather than enslaving them.


Created in Switzerland in February 2018, the recognized for its public utility non-profit proudly shares its tech-optimistic views through various actions aimed at all layers of society in order to: 

  • Educate as many people as possible about the challenges behind the ongoing technology developments 

  • Bring together decision-makers so that they can define and adopt a normative framework to guarantee that the technologies they develop will respect human rights


We react to tech news by questionning its content and embarking you on a trip through time in our bi-monthly News From The Future. 

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Our events just like our publications all contribute to the same objective : the development of critical thinking that is both enlightened and constructive when facing the ongoing technological revolution. 


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