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All voices need to be heard yet there are messages that are essential that are not being heard. Everyone can be an advocate.


The platform is a place to speak out and be seen by a large public.




  • The Empowerment Foundation stimulates and tracks peer-generated messages, invites content based on the first-hand experience and highlights engaging content that offers an alternative point of view to the public.




  • Technology must be put to the benefit of humanity. Digital tools, artificial intelligence and technological advances enable human beings to make a positive impact on their actions and make their voices heard to offer sustainable solutions for the good of all.

  • Promoting grass-root advocacy, giving the power of information to the people to bring about change.




  • The aim of the Empowerment foundation is to create the digital Agora, which allows to collect the most impacting messages and reinforce the monitoring to amplify these messages.

  • To create a dynamic platform where individuals, organizations, communities can speak out and share their viewpoint and experience on a given situation or topic.