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Collective Knowledge

The digital revolution has democratized the diffusion of knowledge. There are many experts and opinion leaders who have access to the public by publishing their content through the digital platforms - blogs, video content, live streaming.


We believe in the legitimacy of people willing to share their knowledge and information with the world.



The issue today is not how to produce content, but to create a place where real knowledge, first-hand experience, and expertise can be shared with the public at large.  A neutral space where diverse viewpoints are collected and accessible to all at all times. 



The Empowerment Foundation will support any initiative that will help the message holder to register and to authenticate its content in total transparency.





  • Independence is key to critical thinking. It can only be achieved through decentralization, where no interest group can influence nor use the media to serve its own interests.



  • The Empowerment Foundation aims to protect each and every citizen to express freely their knowledge and share it with the world.




  • BeCurious, an initiative supported by the Empowerment Foundation, is a video platform where content is gathered after a curation process to check the reliability of the sources. All relevant videos are organized by theme, so as to constitute an audiovisual library of knowledge.