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There you go, the Dîner du Futur has passed. 

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The Pariszurich catering team and its chef Nicolas Abegg demonstrated fantastic ingenuity for this unusual event and offered the guests a creative vision of dinner in 2029. 


As for Gabriel Serero, director of the Emotion Food Company, he showed us a demo of his texturization technique during the aperitif and dessert. 


A big thank you to them for an extraordinary culinary experience.

Bouchées apéritives aux trois continents

Lunch bag du jeune trader New Yorkais

Partage en milieu de table sur une planche en bois

Pour le 4ème âge


Our speakers


What will change in the future? "The consumption of plant-based food will become more systematic in the future. Moreover, the use of smarter agriculture will increase. Finally, robotics will allow automated processes to reduce the number of chemical inputs."



"When it comes to the delivery of our food, we will go for robotized transport or via drones"

See her presentation (French) "10 changements d'habitudes alimentaires auxquelles vous n'échapperez pas"

Executive officer for FoodTech Dijon, Bourgogne & Franche Conté 



"We will eat healthier only if we can reintroduce nutritional quality and diversity at the core of our nutrition, all while accepting to pay the adequate price."

Managing Partner Quadia Impact Finance 



"Beef undercut sourced from a cow living in co-propriety between 6 families, root vegetables from the garden and wild garlic collected during a family walk in the woods" the future is also a return to family values and sharing.

Managing Director Pariszurich 


gabriel serero.jpg

"We need to change our approach to nutrition if we want to sustain in the long term... with the pace we're going at today, we won't manage to feed the population of the world."


A futuristic dinner?

Why is it important?

Because the answers to this century's ecological and demographic issues are in the food-processing industry. 

Because 16,9 billion dollars were invested in FoodTech startups in 2018. That is 43% more than in 2017. 

Because from farm to table, innovations arise to offer healthier foods and environmentally-friendly products. 

Moreover, because consumer choices influence investor choices. Therefore, it is paramount to be conscious of today's challenges. Through our behavior, each of us has a role to play in the race for the wise use of technology. 


We hope you enjoyed your evening in 2029.

What will you stay with you from this evening? What were your impressions?


What is your vision of the dinner of the future?

Take 2 minutes to share your feedback with us. This way our future events can be even more entertaining and even more intelligent. 

We will offer 2 tickets to our next Theatre play "surreal trial" to one of the respondents. 

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