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Our actions

The Empowerment Foundation is a tech-optimistic non-profit organization. It is committed to steering the digital revolution to serve humans rights instead of infringing them. This is how:

Smart entertainment

Theatre plays, futuristic dinners, surreal trials of a killer robot, those are just a few examples of how the Empowerment Foundation combines entertainment with ethical and social thinking in order to reach the largest audience. 

Learning events

"Artificial Intelligence: redefining the world of tomorrow" en 2018, “Living free in a data-driven world” in 2019,... Every year, our Empowerment Summit brings together decision-makers, politicians, students, and citizens to help them understand the ongoing digital revolution. More importantly, it encourages them to develop their critical thinking skills in facing the ethical and economic impacts involved.

Empowered Leaders

The Empowered Leaders community brings together leading institutional and economic decision-makers. They influence the democratic debate by publishing concrete and applicable standards that aim to make humans the beneficiaries and not the victims of the great times we are living in. To produce these standards, the Empowerment Foundation brings the Empowered Leaders together several times a year at the WhitePod hotel for two intense days of reflection.


Content sharing

Artificial intelligence, Tech for food, cybersecurity, privacy... for all the topics we focus on, we turn to experts in their respective fields to find answers to your questions. We then share the result of this search for enlightening content on our website, our social accounts, and via our newsletter.

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