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Eating McDonalds Causes Immigration by Fiona Evans

Dernière mise à jour : 2 mars 2021

There’s logic to this. Stick with me….

But before I get stuck in, I just want to be clear, I have no beef (pun intended) with immigration. With a top heavy population and huge corporate tax loopholes we need all the taxes we can get to help support our NHS, and in the words of Groove Armada, “If everybody looked the same, we’d get tired of looking at each other”.

I could talk more on this but that’s for another day. Now, where was I?

McDonalds is the biggest ‘restaurant’ in the world. On any given day they feed one percent of the global population, about seventy million people. People need to eat, but ...

Big livestock accounts for 25 to 30 percent of global emissions and the World Bank states that cattle ranching has been behind almost 90 percent of forest clearances in Brazil since the 1970s.

82% of our global farmland goes into industrial agriculture but only provides 18% of the world's calories.